Our Technology

The technology behind Cambrian™ is a world first, developed by PJP Eye in collaboration with Kyushu University.

Independently verified by Osaka Industrial Research Center and customers, it has also been endorsed by leading industry bodies around the world.

Cambrian Battery

10 times more battery life will save the world

Cambrian™ carbon has a larger surface area than regular carbon (graphite). As a result, Cambrian™ has resistance to heat and does not easily deteriorate. Based on, a third-party test, Cambrian™ deteriorated by about -40% even after repeating 15,000 times of rapid charging and discharging for 10 minutes (6C). This is 10 times longer than a typical lithium-ion battery.

Therefore, using our Cambrian™ batteries, we can reduce the number of batteries discarded and the number of batteries remanufactured by a factor of 10. This will enable us to build a truly decarbonized society and lead to a NetZero world by 2050.

Faster and safer

The technology behind our batteries also means they are safer with no chance of thermal runaway, or explosion. There are several reasons for this, including the tight connection between carbon and oxygen, and the much larger surface area which means a better structured battery which results in more stability, electrical conductivity and safety.

This results in a superior performing battery which recharges ten times faster than Li-ion batteries.

PJP Eye is passionate about making the world a better place to live for all of us.

It’s what drives us to do more every single day we go to work. It’s what motivates us as individuals and what binds us together as a team.

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