PJP Eye LTD won the Most Disruptive Technology Award with 100,000 GBP prize money by BP, ADNOC, and Euqinor hosted by TechX Accelerator.­

21 June 2022

PJP Eye LTD won the Most Disruptive Technology Award with 100,000 GBP prize money by BPADNOC, and Euqinor hosted by TechX Accelerator.­

We are glad to announce that PJP Eye LTD won the Most Disruptive Technology Award hosted by TechX Accelerator.

This award was given by BP, ADNOC, and Equinor, the strategic partners of TechX managed by Net Zero Technology Center. PJP Eye’s technology was highly evaluated to realize the world with the NetZero. As a Japanese startup, this unique achievement is followed by Tech Rocketship Award by the British Embassy of Tokyo and the 2nd place for COP 26 Clean Energy Pitch Battle.

PJP Eye’s carbon batteries are disruptive for 3 reasons, production (flexible and sustainable materials that solve the dependency on rare metals), performance (rapid charging capability, longevity, and safety), and innovation (dual carbon batteries).

Based on LCA, PJP Eye’s long-life battery would reduce 96% of Co2 generated from the production of NMC lithium-ion batteries in 15 years. As PJP Eye already mass produces its batteries, their effectiveness, and practicality to carbon neutrality were highly recognized by the judges.

Plant-Based Carbon – PJP Eye has a proprietary technology to recycle plant materials into proprietary carbon. This technology can convert any plant materials that have fiber including agricultural waste such as by-products of olives and sugar cane.

PJP Eye has two products: single carbon battery and dual carbon batteries: our mass-produced single carbon battery can provide safety, longevity, rapid charging, sustainability, stable pricing, and low maintenance as commercial benefits to the energy storage and personal mobility market while dual carbon batteries provide these benefits to new markets like EVs and electric airplanes with higher energy density.

TechX Accelerator is the UK-based program for innovative startups, supporting new solutions for sustainable development and decarbonization through public funding of 100,000 GBP to each startup.

About PJP Eye Ltd.

Established in 2017 by tech entrepreneur Hiroaki Nishina, PJP Eye leveraged research performed at Kyushu University’s R&D Center to prepare the Cambrian™ battery for mass commercial use. The company succeeded in that venture, producing a pouch-type power cell in 2018 and prepping it for installation in products such as power-assisted bicycles, e-scooters, and drones from 2019. Worldwide sales began via crowdfunding. PJP Eye is gearing up to shift most of its operations and R&D to the West. That includes a UK subsidiary created with UK government support and collaborating with Binghamton University in New York and Warwick University and the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre in the UK.

The venture’s immediate goal is to provide sustainable solutions using this technology to companies in fields like transportation and energy storage for satellites, boats, and other vehicles. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the world at large by helping eliminate differences in access to electricity. Even without power lines, technologies like solar panels and power banks mean that power can be made available anywhere for crucial purposes such as medicine, education, and agriculture.