Awarded Tech Rocket Ship Awards ” 2019-20 honored by British Government for “Future of Mobility”

6 April 2020

TOKYO March 27th 2020| PJP Eye Ltd is proud to announce it has successfully secured the 2020 Tech Rocketship Award awarded by the UK Government.

About London Tech Rocketship Awards

The UK Government introduced the Tech Rocketship Awards to recognise innovative Japanese companies working in its top four priority sectors. The winning companies are taken on an exclusive innovation mission to the UK and receive support from the UK Government which PJP Eye will be included in. This includes introduction to top accelerators, education on local regulations, mentoring from tech specialists and an invitation to join London Tech Week.

About PJP Eye

PJP Eye is the officially licensed distributor of the Cambrian Eye battery technology. The Cambrian battery replaces toxic rare earth metals seen in industry standard batteries with carbon meaning a safer, explosion resistant, recyclable battery. The battery technology when compared with lithium ion counterparts sports a longer life cycle, significantly faster time to achieve full charge (20 minutes) and is environmentally sustainable.

The name “Cambrian” derives from the period of time known as the Cambrian Explosion. During this time period, the first forms of life were created, sparking a revolution in terms of sentient life. PJP Eye aims to provide this type of spark to the battery and transport industry by introducing the environmentally safe and high functioning Cambrian Battery.

Laboratory6 is the subsidiary of PJP Eye and integrates the revolutionary Cambrian battery technology into electric bikes and scooters. Laboratory6 aims to disrupt the existing scooter sharing model by providing batteries that have longer life cycles than conventional batteries on the market and can charge in twenty minutes. This technology aims to undercut a lot of inefficiencies in the current market model and further optimize the scooter/bike sharing industry.

Laboratory6 is a Tokyo based organization with registered companies abroad in the UK and USA. Currently the battery has undergone testing at Texas’ Rice University and PJP Eye USA has secured an MOU with the City of Houston last year.

In the UK, Laboratory6 has already begun a crowdfunding campaign which will end in May. The link for this campaign will be provided below. Receiving the Tech Rocketship Award will greatly assist in Laboratory6’s goal for UK expansion efforts as the mentorship and collaboration offered is unparalleled.

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