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Cambrian™ technology takes autonomous sharing of electricity beyond anything else available today. Its rapid charging capability and long life contribute to the reduction of operating costs and enhanced turnover and profitability.

The world is being held hostage by countries which have a virtual monopoly on many of the components which are used in today’s rechargeable batteries.

These batteries are not sustainable, not environmentally friendly, not renewable and they are damaging our planet.

Batteries to change the world

PJP Eye’s Cambrian™ batteries have the power to change the world. We have the solution to all of those problems – and many more of the negative issues relating to today’s Li-ion batteries.

We care deeply about the planet and everyone in it and we have pledged to share our technology with the world, so that everyone, particularly those who need it the most, will benefit.

We will open source our batteries, opening up opportunities around the world, particularly in third world companies, through a new economic model which will reward users who are committed to achieving social justice and positive environmental impacts.


Batteries for your business

We’re keen to talk to companies interested in discussing how our batteries can be used with their products.

Our Cambrian™ batteries can be installed during the production of vehicles such as electrically assisted bicycles, golf carts, small green buses, or mobility vehicles or retrofitted as remodeled batteries to existing vehicles. We are also happy to discuss options for other products such as electric cars, smartphones, and drones.

Energy at your fingertips with all of the power and none of the problems

PJP Eye’s Power Bank, incorporating Cambrian™ technology, is the sustainable solution when you need energy on the go whether that’s for leisure activities such as camping, lifestyle choices such as an off-grid lifestyle in remote areas where there is little access to electricity, or as a lifesaving power provider during natural disasters and other emergencies.

With a 20-year lifespan, this stationary battery delivers renewable energy and significant cost reductions while supporting the global NetZero journey with a product that is recyclable and environmentally friendly.

The large-capacity portable battery has all the power of a micro power plant and will be an integral part of our energy future provision. Applications will range from home energy management systems (HEMS) which combine battery power with other sources of renewable energy such as solar power, right up to building energy management systems (BEMS), community grids, and energy storage systems (ESS). With digital connectivity a priority around the world, our data centers will support the growth of the 5G network.

Imagine the potential for bringing this to developing countries that have little or no electricity, providing light for education and power for health care. The power pack itself can then be recharged in less than an hour by connecting it to external power generation sources such as solar power, wind power generators, and even generators charged by pedal power. A continuous, sustainable, rechargeable source of power bringing electricity to the most challenged and remote areas in the world.

Keeping the world on the move

Our CambrianTM batteries can be installed during production of vehicles such as electric assisted bicycles, golf carts, small green buses or mobility vehicles or retrofitted as remodelled batteries to existing vehicles. We are also happy to discuss options for other products such electric cars, smartphones, and drones.

It’s a solution which brings the freedom of mobility, whatever your circumstances. With batteries which have a 20-year lifespan and an industry-leading 20 minute recharge time, we’ll keep people all over the world on the move.

The sky is the limit when you take flight with Cambrian

Field trials using drones fitted with a CambrianTM battery have a flight time that is 40% longer than drones powered with Li-ion batteries. This improves efficiency on every single flight. CambrianTM batteries also have a much faster recharge time, so there is much less down time, leading to faster, more cost-effective project completion times. This technology has the potential to position Japan at the forefront of drone development around the world. 

And that’s just the start. Our technology will bring the same benefits to electric aeroplanes,  eVTOLS (electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft powered by electricity) and flying cars with our high voltage dual carbon batteries.

From the deepest ocean to the universe above, this is the future

We are entering a world without limits and CambrianTM is already pushing the boundaries of those limits. We now make robots which Cambrian can recharge in 20 minutes, we have AGVs (automated guide vehicles), we have vacuuming robots and one step beyond, we have humanoids - multi functional, flexible, and fast charging so there’s minimal down time thanks to PJP Eye technology.

With Cambrian™, we can say goodbye to fossil fuel energy, to unrecyclable alternatives which are polluting our planet, to solutions which only go so far but not far enough. With PJP Eye technology we can power every EV still to be invented, we can power the ships that sail our oceans, we can power satellites which can take us to the furthest reaches of the universe - and back again.

Welcome to a world without limits, welcome to the future.

PJP Eye is passionate about making the world a better place to live for all of us.

It’s what drives us to do more every single day we go to work. It’s what motivates us as individuals and what binds us together as a team.

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