Cambrian™ single carbon battery

The Cambrian™ single carbon battery uses metal oxide for the positive electrode and plant-based carbon for the negative electrode. Currently in mass production, we sell to some of the country’s biggest technology companies.

Single Carbon Battery


Current applications include personal mobility vehicles such as e-bikes, golf carts and mobility scooters to drones, robotics and data centres. Energy storage uses range from small power banks, power stations and HEMS (home energy management systems) to community grids and large ESS (energy storage systems).


Why Cambrian™ single carbon battery

Life cycle – expected battery life of more than 30 years: SoH 60% at 15000 times

No risk of thermal runaway (overheating) leading to fire and explosion as can occur with Li-ion batteries

Mass produced and commercially ready (standard cells: 3200 mAh)

Rapid charging speed of around 10 times faster than conventional Li-Ion batteries: 20 minutes for an e-bike; 50 minutes for 1KW power storage

Recycles organic agricultural waste such as cotton and bagasse

Nickel, manganese and cobalt free

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