Cambrian™ dual carbon battery

The Cambrian™ dual carbon battery, the world’s first truly eco-friendly and sustainable battery, will be brought to market in 2025. Developed in collaboration with Kyushu University, both positive and negative electrodes will use plant-based carbon.


Designed with a much higher voltage than the single carbon battery, it will have much wider application and limitless potential as a source of energy.

Initial potential applications will include electric vehicles, electric ships,  electric airplanes, flying taxis.


Why Cambrian™ dual carbon battery

Recycles organic agricultural waste to create carbon

Nickel, manganese and cobalt free

Can be recycled for reuse at the end of its life

Rapid charging up to 15C (3000 mAh standard cells)

Targeted energy density:398 WH/KG

Life cycle – expected battery life of more than 20 years: SoH 86% at 8000 times

No risk of thermal runaway (overheating) leading to fire and explosion as is found with Lithium-ion batteries

Targeting mass production by 2025

Lithium free version available 2027

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